“Thaddeus teaches science in interesting and engaging ways.  His hands-on activities give children an understanding of complex principles.  He also provides an atmosphere where kids can learn to work together to solve problems.”
            - Jo Simonian,  Homeschooling Parent,  Seattle

“His integrative teaching style invited each child to participate on a level that was comfortable to them and their unique learning style.
            - Sylvia Hales, Homeschooling Parent, Seattle

“I was very impressed with Thaddeus’s ability to break the project up into manageable units.  He was comepletely prepared to teach each unit and was able to carry each one out successfully.  I admired the calm and quiet way he worked with the students.  He showed tremendous respect for the child’s individuality and ideas.  He made each student feel successful, and every student learned a significant amount, i.e., how to handle materials, how to put ideas into action, and how to work through a project from beginning to end.
            - Mary Lou Laprade, Teacher, John Hay Elementary, Seattle

 “I am an educator myself, and as such I was very impressed with how Thaddeus conducted his classes and how he encouraged students to utilize and develop their creative problem-solving skills.” 
            - Paulette Lack,  Teacher, Director, Jefferson Community School

 “I would recommend Mr. Jurczynski and his many programs as a unique and remarkable science experience.”
            - Natalie Carlson, Teacher, Maple Valley Christian School

“Thaddeus Jurczynski would be an asset to any educational program that wants to create a solid foundation in science through creativity and innovation.  He understands that not all children learn in the same manner and draws upon his knowledge to make sure that each person is a success, understands the principles involved, and has fun at the same time.”
            - Barbara Morey, Educational Consultant,  Seattle

“Thaddeus understands the arts process that children need.  While the art the kids produced was stunning, he did not lose sight of that quiet process of developing the skills needed to produce the art.  Creative imaging and problem solving, elements of sculpting and painting, now belong to children who were in his classes.”
            - JR Terry, Jefferson Arts Center Project Board

 “Never have I seen someone in your position produce so much, with such original ideas, and such patience!  Your stability and humor were beyond crucial to both camps, and I hope to see you back again next year!”
            - James Sutter, Camp Manager,  Power of Hope,  Seattle

“The Bottle Rocket Workshop you recently conducted with Jefferson County Public Works employees is greatly appreciated.   We were impressed with your dedication, enthusiasm, preparation and delivery.  You did a great job of keeping the exercise fun, yet still convincing us of it’s significance.  Thank you for a great team building exercise.” 
            - Frank Gifford, Director, Jefferson County Department of Public Works  

“It is without hesitation that I recommend Thaddeus Jurczynski as a presenter.”
            - Lee Marcum, Administrator,  Central Kitsap School District

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