My ArtWork

Here are some of the many artworks I've created over the years.  These first two panels are giant puppets.   The Chinese dragon was done for the Port Townsend City Library and overlooks the books in the children's' section.  The skeletal puppet is Beatrice, the Death Mother.  The bird is a blue heron.  The tree is Douglas Fir.  The next is a spider.  The mermaid is Yemanya, the creation mother.

The pigs were done for the Pike Place Market's "Pigs On Parade".  The anchor was made for the Jefferson County Historical Society and is raised every year as part of Port Townsend's First Night Celebration.

 Here are a few lanterns I've made.

These are a few props.  A severed cow head for "Batboy, the Musical", a radio tower for KPTZ, and a donkey headress for Ted Senecal for "A Midsummer Nights' Dream"

The cow skull I did as an anatomy study.  The middle is a troll face.  The third was created by reversing a gas mask and casting off of that.

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