Science and Art Workshops

Science & Art Workshops

E= Elementary     M = Middle H= High School level

Altered States (EM)   Explore states of matter and changes in state.  Make slime!

Bubble Geometry (EMH)   Learn several bubble tricks and techniques, including the Bubble Caterpillar, the Bubble Cube, Bubbles inside Bubbles, the Ballerina Bubble, and the Incredible Shrinking Bubble!

Cooperative Art Games (EMH)   Students compete in small groups to assemble a hidden sculpture!

Human Solar System (MH)  Learn how the planets revolve in relation to each other.

Jello Lab (MH)   See how lenses work by carving them yourself.  Requires a darkened space.

Kirigami  (EMH)   Kirigami is the Japanese art of paper folding and cutting to create patterns that can resemble stars, flowers or snowflakes, or even Celtic knot design.  Great math extension.

Moebius Bands (EM)   Explore the science of topology by making interweaving wristbands.

Physics for Artists (EMH)   Discover the relationship between the colors of light and colors of pigment.

Pinhole Optics (EM)   Learn how light travels by making a camera obscura.   

Shadows in Space (MH)   Discover what causes an eclipse and other mysteries about the earth, moon, and sun.

Six-Pack of Science (EM)   Use the scientific method to discover why some pop cans sink and others float.

Solar System in Scale (MH)   Learn exactly why they call it “space”.

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