Now you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to have a blast!

     You and your students can become successful rocket scientists in just 2-3 hours!   With a “crash” course in the fundamentals of rocket science, you too could build a rocket from scratch that travels 400 ft or more at 75psi.!
       Students work together in cooperative teams where each member has a specific task.  They plan, build and launch rockets while learning vital physics concepts at the same time.  This makes the program ideal as both a team building exercise and a fun science enrichment activity. 
        Rockets are constructed from 2-liter bottles and launched using air pressure, so rockets can be tracked during flight.  Two launches allow teams to compare variables on material selection and construction and apply this data to the final launch. 
        For information on bringing a dynamic rocket program to your school or organization, contact Thaddeus Jurczynski at 360-732-4144 or   

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